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Fees for Individual Therapy

  • Individual therapy ranges from $180-200 per hour. This is consistent with recommendations by the College of Psychologists of New Brunswick. 

Fees for Assessment

  • The cost for an assessment can vary depending on the type of assessment. Assessments are billed hourly at a rate of $200 per hour. This includes administration, interview, scoring, report writing, and feedback sessions as appropriate. Please contact us directly for a more specific estimate based on your individual case. 

​Insurance Coverage and Tax Deductions

  • Private psychological services are not covered under NBMedicare. However, most extended medical plans (e.g., BlueCross, Sunlife, etc.)  cover at least part of the cost for psychological services.

  • We strongly encourage you to check with your insurance provider before booking an appointment. Questions you may wish to ask your provider:

           Does my plan cover services for a Licensed Psychologist?
           How much coverage do I have per year? When does my year renew?
​           What percentage do you cover?
​           Do I require a physician's referral to qualify for coverage?
           What percentage of the cost do you cover?

  • You do not require a physician's referral to see a psychologist; however, your insurance company may require a referral to reimburse you.

Forms of Payment Accepted

  • We accept cash, debit, Visa, and Mastercard. Individual therapy fees are due at the time of the session. We will gladly provide a receipt for insurance reimbursement and/or income tax purposes. ​​
  • We offer direct billing to Blue Cross and some other insurance providers. Contact us for more details.